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       The constant DE baoji titanium metal materials co., LTD is located in the valley--Baoji,Is a collection of titanium and titanium alloy,Non-ferrous metal production and products、Processing、Sales、Trade、Research and development in the integration of modern private enterprises。
    The company's main products:Titanium rod、Titanium tube、Titanium wire、Titanium standard parts、Titanium and titanium alloy chemical equipment material, etc;Tungsten、Molybdenum、Tantalum、Niobium、Zirconium、Rare metal materials such as nickel;Nickel and titanium、Titanium copper、Titanium steel composite materials etc;Titanium target、Chromium target,Zirconium target such as coating material。In recent years,Company in manpower、Material resources......
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The ground  The address:Shaanxi baoji high-tech zone fort other eight fish town industrial park
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   Contacts:The manager